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  • The gift from pure nature
sevendrops The Gift From Mother Earth

    Protect       Preserve      Return      Rescue

    Beauty is to practice an idea. Sevendrops will protect the earth and nature consistently and practice a benevolent spirit for the peace and brotherhood based on the philosophy that sincere beauty is “protect, preserve, return and rescue” the nature itself.

mission Return to mankind and nature

  • 1. Sevendrops keeps beauty that is the gift from nature and return to humankind and nature.
  • 2. Sevendrops considers trust in quality as the top priority, and never fall in the temptation of ‘satisfaction’ or ‘compromise’’.
  • 3. Sevendrops produces products with qualified organic essential oil and natural ingredient.
  • 4. Sevendrops invests in qualitative improvement of products, reducing packaging costs such as containers and boxes, and also contribute a certain part of profit to public welfare in raw-material-producing area such as medical aids, drinking water supply, environmental protection etc.

vision Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations contribute to the peace of nature and humanity

Sevendrops contributes to prosperity of nature and peace for human beings through partnership with nonprofit organizations for social and environmental improvement.
  • Free true eco. Animal material · Synthetic color · Artificial herb · Paraben · Alcohol · Silicon · Mineral oil ·

  • Sevendrops thinks authenticity, confidence,  and environment first.

    Best Quality  Good Ingredients No Chemical Sustainable Growth

  • confidence

    Sevendrops suntracts pernicious ingredients and produces honest goods minimizing artificial chemical ingredients.

    Essential oil/Vegetal oil/Natural extract/Floral water/Pure water

  • authenticity

    Sevendrops pursues sustainable development based on trustful products made of qualified natural ingredients and objective evaluations of customers, rather than an excess advertisement or one-off promotion.
  •  environment

    We don’t experiment on animals. We minimize wastes, and nurse resources. We use recycled-paper (FSC certified) and natural bean- oil to print out eco-package for environment.